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Privacy policy

Private policy After reading the following "handling regulation of customer information (private policy)" carefully when a customer buys the case or the goods for which our website is used, it's necessary to agree to the contents. Further when you can't agree, goods can't be bought. 1. About customer information. Customer information is information about the individual who lives, and I say the name included in information concerned, the date of birth, the address, the telephone number and something it's possible to distinguish a specific individual from which by other description. It's possible to check with other information and the one which becomes to be able to distinguish a more specific individual is included in this. 2. About the use purpose of customer information. We? (1) to discharge our debt in buying and selling dealings. (2) to give backup service in buying and selling dealings. (3) guide a customer special service and a new product, etc.. (4) the thing the news by which it's for a mail magazine sends I'll make it the O purpose and use customer information. I won't use it for anything but these use purposes except for the case or the case when I received agreement for a customer beforehand indicated on following 3. 3. About trust to a third person of customer information. We put it in the reach necessary to achievement of the use destination and sometimes entrust all or the part of customer information. 4. About an offer to a third person of customer information. We don't offer customer information to a third person without the facts which get customer's consent beforehand. 5. About a question of customer information. Please make a contact to "enterpriser's name and" phone number which are in the transcription about a specific commercial transaction way to our website. Or the one from the [question form] in the site I'll offer you the phone numbers promptly in an e-mail by a charge.